Shows Featuring: Land Rights for Women

Women Rising Radio #35: Guardians of the Amazon

Currently the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest are in a struggle with worldwide multinational corporations that want to take over their lands for oil extraction, commercial palm oil, commercial agriculture, mining, and other massively destructive enterprises. Women leaders have Read full description for this show »

Women Rising Radio XXV: Activists on Armaments and War

Women are gaining influence worldwide in leadership for democracy, civil society, women’s, human and children’s rights, ecology and sustainability.  In this program we profile three women activists against war and armaments.   Sister Stella Soh, a Korean nun, fights to Read full description for this show »

Women Rising XXIII: Women of La Via Campesina

We profile women of La Via Campesina, the global peasant movement celebrating 20 years of grassroots activism, for sustainable farming, land rights and social justice.  Canadian Nettie Wiebe fights to keep seeds in the hands of small farmers.  From the Read full description for this show »

Women Rising XIII: Enterprising Women

Women are gaining influence as leaders throughout the world, fighting for peace, justice, the environment and civil society. In this program we profile four women entrepreneurs, bravely starting businesses where no one else has ventured and who are leading a Read full description for this show »