Women Rising Radio 13: Enterprising Women

Women are gaining influence as leaders throughout the world, fighting for peace, justice, the environment and civil society. In this program we profile four women entrepreneurs, bravely starting businesses where no one else has ventured and who are leading a worldwide grassroots movement to create micro-enterprise.

Lucky Chhetri started the first women’s trekking guide business in Nepal. Jane Kunyiha works with the Baobab Project, making micro-grants for small business startups in Kenya. Brigitte Kitenge created a women’s cooperative organization in the Congo for women victims of war, and Rashmi Dixit started a restaurant to rescue indigenous culture in India.


Lucky Chhetri, Empowering Women of Nepal and 3 Sisters Adventures Company; Jane Kunyiha, Project Baobab; Brigitte Kitenge, Future Hope for Women; Rashmi Dixit, BAIF, DHRUVA.

Women Rising Producer: Lynn Feinerman
Women Rising Host: Sandina Robbins
Women Rising Sound Editor: Stephanie Welch

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