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Women Rising Radio 38: Migrations, Solidarity with the Desperate

The USA and many nations in Europe, have slammed the gates shut against desperate immigrants and refugees, criminalizing and brutalizing them.  Three activist women co-founded groups to challenge the policies of detention, deportation, discrimination and denigration of migrants. They are

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Women Rising Radio 34: Rescuing the Isolated and Displaced, Doctors Without Borders

Women Rising Radio follows four women working with Doctors Without Borders, three M.D.’s and a nurse.  On board a ship rescuing refugees drowning at sea, treating malnutrition in the rural areas of South Sudan, in Liberia working on Ebola, saving

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Women Rising Radio 33: With Healers at Standing Rock

Women Rising Radio gathers eyewitness accounts of Standing Rock, from medical activists who worked in the medic healing unit during the heroic Lakota, Dakota and Nakota standoff with Energy Transfer Partners, local law enforcement and hired security operatives.

Women Rising Radio 11: International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Women are gaining influence as leaders throughout the world fighting for peace, justice, the environment and civil society. In this program, we visit with three eloquent members of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. The Council is a global

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