Women Rising XIV: International Changemakers in the Arts

Women are gaining influence as leaders throughout the world, fighting for peace, justice, the environment and civil society.

On this edition, we profile four artist activists. Velina Brown is a core actor with the world famous San Francisco Mime Troupe. So An is a singer activist in Haiti. Jaishri Abichandani is an artist and curator with the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective and Zimbabwean Rutendo Mudzamiri teams with the International Museum of Women to launch the “Imagining Ourselves” online art exhibit.


Velina Brown, actor in the San Francisco Mime Troup; So An, Haitian singer activist; Jaishri Abichandani, artist and curator with South Asian Women’s Creative Collective; Rutendo Mudzamiri, artist and activist.

Women Rising Producer: Lynn Feinerman
Women Rising Host: Sandina Robbins
Women Rising Sound Editor: Stephanie Welch

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ok.. i\’m back from the no webernet black hole..this is prttey cool man.. i would have liked it more if you synthed the vocal line over the top or something.. would maybe keep it closer to a cover than just using the same intervals but subbed for synths.. dont get me wrong.. i like it.. some great sounds in there.. but i wouldnt class it as a \”cover\”.. a little too ambiguous for that title.. all in all though.. it got me diggin around the sofa for a possible long lost red mitsubishi.. so i must have liked it!