Mayan Prophesy

WOMEN RISING RADIO has been broadcasting for almost a decade. What we knew all along is now being predicted and anticipated by ancient prophesies!   The Mayan culture had a highly developed astronomy, astrology and calendar of times.  They predicted that beginning December 21, 2012, the “Staff of Power” would shift into the Feminine consciousness….but we already knew that, we are already walking in that way, aren’t we….

Ancient Mayan Glyph showing transfer of the Staff of Power to the Spirit of the Feminine

“Amazingly, there is a cultural/
prophetic context for the arising
of this Feminine-based planetary
transformation that is underway.
The Mayan 2012 prophecies
foretold of this shift of planetary
stewardship into the hands of
the Feminine. In a personal
communication with this author,
Nicaraguan Mayan Grandmother
Flordemayo, of the International
Council of 13 Indigenous
Grandmothers, explained that
the final glyph (pictogram) from
the “Mayan Story of Creation”
(the Dresden Codex) shows the
Reawakening of the Feminine.”
— Vikki Hanchin