Silvia Federici is an Italian and American scholar, teacher, and activist from the radical autonomist feminist Marxist and anarchist tradition. She is a professor emerita and Teaching Fellow at Hofstra University, where she was a social science professor.  She authored “Caliban and the Witch”, and “Witches, Witch Hunting and Women”, among other works.

Jilaan For purposes of security, the bio of Jilaan, who is a member of Jinwar village in Rojava, cannot be included here.

Güneş came to Rojava, Kurdistan from the USA in 2019, to join and defend Jinwar village, a community for women and children inspired by the Democratic Confederalism of Rojava. During the Turkish invasion of Rojava, and its assault on Jinwar, Gunes worked as a medic, and since then she’s been working with the women’s movement. She was raised in North Carolina, where she was involved in anti-racist organizing against police violence, community self-defense, mutual aid, and street medic first aid support.

Maria Veronica Romero is a worker-owner of her cooperative, Brightly East Harlem, in New York City. She was born in Mexico, moving to the USA with her son in 2007, to flee domestic violence. Working in a laundromat and learning English at night, Maria earned her GED. She says, “Now I know that nothing is impossible if you believe in it!” In 2018, she heard about the opportunity to join a worker cooperative. That transformed her life, and she is now the Secretary for her cooperative, which co-founded the Up & Go online platform, a cooperative technology company that is the first of its kind, to book cleaning services from worker-owned cooperatives.

Cirenia Domínguez is married, has a daughter, and came to the USA from Mexico, where she taught elementary school. For the 17 years that Cirenia has been in New York she dedicated herself to the residential cleaning industry.  She is a founding member of Staten Island’s first cleaning cooperative, Brightly. She is on the Board of Directors of Up & Go, a cooperative technology company that is the first of its kind, as a web app for customers to book cleaning services from worker-owned cooperatives.