Program XXXIV:   Doctors Without Borders

SARAH GILES:   Dr. Sarah Giles had her most recent mission with MSF on board the MSF/SOS ship Aquarius in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Libya, where she was the one M.D. aboard, and assisted in the rescue of thousands of desperate refugees fleeing the Middle East for Europe.  She is a Canadian family/ER physician with a diploma in tropical medicine.  She’s already worked in several countries with MSF.  She’s a board member for Canadian Doctors of Medicare,  and an assistant clinical professor at the University of Alberta. She lives and works in the Northwest territories, focusing on delivering medicine to underserved communities there.

ESTRELLA LASRY:   Estrella is the Tropical Medicine Advisor for the French section of MSF,  based in New York and working mostly in the field.  She has worked for MSF since 2009, in DRC, Haiti, and Zambia.  She supervises work in the field on outbreaks of infectious diseases including Ebola, malaria, and hemorrhagic fevers.  She also received an MS in Tropical Medicine.



NEEMA KASEJE:  Kenya’s Dr. Neema Kaseje is a general and pediatric surgeon with a commitment to global health equity, and to improving access to surgical care in resource-limited  and humanitarian settings. Neema has been in the MSF general surgical pool since 2011.  She’s been on missions for MSF to Central African Republic and most recently Rutshuru, Congo.  She takes a particular interest in pediatric surgical care..


MELANIE CAPICCIONI:  Melanie is a nurse with dual US/San Marino citizenship.  She trained specifically to work with MSF, and has been on missions in South Sudan and Uganda. Melanie graduated from New York University as a journalist, but an internship with the MSF office in London opened her eyes to what became her life’s work:  providing hands-on medical care to those who need it the most in the world.