claire-200x200Claire Greensfelder is a lifelong ecology, peace and safe energy activist, educator, political campaigner and journalist.   She worked as a director of Greenpeace’s USA Nuclear Free Future Campaign, and also with the International Forum on Globalization, Women in Europe for a Common Future, WEDO (Women’s Environmental and Development Organization), the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, and INOCHI/Plutonium Free Future. Currently Claire is working with the Global Women’s Call for Climate Justice.

aileenAileen Mioko Smith directs Green Action Japan, and has been involved with antinuclear work in both the USA and Japan for decades. She is often asked to speak on TV and radio news and in other media on nuclear issues in Japan. Previously Aileen worked on the revelation and documentation of the Minamata disaster in Japan during the 1970’s.

ursulaUrsula Sladek founded Germany’s Shoenau Energy Company, a cooperative with over 5000 members, serving over 135,000 families in Germany with 100% renewable energy. Ursula and a small group of friends and family took over their own town’s energy grid, and built Shoenau Energy Company from there. She wasn’t an expert, she was a mother and a teacher, and she spearheaded the work to transform the way energy is produced and delivered in Germany.

avt_hiromi-kawakami_8046Hiromi Kawakami is one of the most celebrated Japanese writers of her generation. In 1994 her story, ‘Kami-sama’ which translates as ‘God’, was published to great acclaim. Then, in 2011, in the aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and subsequent meltdowns at Fukushima’s nuclear power plants, Kawakami rewrote her story.  Women Rising Radio put together a short excerpt from the story, for this broadcast.